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Lest We Forget

About 80 years ago, my great-grandpa, Ernest Rombough, was an ambulance driver for the Canadian military in Italy. My other great-grandpa, Frank Bartlett, was a gun captain on a US Navy ship in the Pacific. I know the stories of how my great-fathers and other people in my family risked their lives to serve and protect their country.

I’m sure, you might have similar family stories. But regardless, we remember the sacrifice it took to protect this country and its values by sharing their stories. This is what remembrance day is all about: remembering people like us who bravely sacrificed for their country. Some gave up their lives, health, and time to fight for freedom and the continued prosperity of our country. 

So on November 11th at 11 o’clock, take a moment of silence and remember our veterans. Remember your family and friends of the family who fought. Remember those who died and remember those who lived. Remember those whose names and stories are lost. 


Lest we Forget 

By: Mia Splane

Welcome Parents, Students, Staff and Friends!

As we further ourselves into the school year, the leadership team plans on being more compatible with everyone's needs. As a part of this we would like all of you to make a habit of returning to the blog as we understand that continuous emails lost in your inbox can be a nuisance. Currently we are making the shift from the emails to the blog; there will still be some emails however. 
Always be sure to venture over to the other sections of the blog where you can learn about awesome, new, and cool events being planned by the leadership team. As well, you can find more info about our team, colour house points, housemates and past memories to keep the nostalgia flowing as we all grow up to pass on from CRCS. 
Thank you all for the support in games, feedback, and simply taking the time to read this post.