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“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” - Proverbs 27: 17

If you stick around Christian circles long enough, you will hear this verse. It is about how relationships bring growth. You might have heard it in the context of choosing friends that make you a better person - ones that sharpen you. 

Here’s a slightly different take. Be the friend, classmate, teammate, and sibling that builds up the people around you. You can’t always choose who is around you but you can choose to be your best. In relationships, this may look like encouraging them and supporting them. If you are close enough, this might look like challenging them to do a hard thing that is both good and helpful for their growth. You can help people in your life become more effective and Christ-like human beings. And in doing so you will grow as well. 

In the context of helping each other become better people, think of our upcoming spirit event, Homeroom Wars. On Friday, May 27th, homerooms will choose a creative theme and dress up accordingly. This is your chance to take initiative and encourage your classmates to dress up and rally around a fun idea you all agree to. And if you think this sounds lame, maybe this spirit day is for you. This is where your voice matters and your homeroom’s cooperation has a chance to grow. And just for a little added incentive, there is an ice cream cake prize in addition to colour house points. One ice cream cake will be awarded to the winning homeroom in elementary and another for high school. The successful winners will have an original theme with majority participation. Your judges will include Mrs. MacKenzie, Mrs. Jung, and Mr. Sturhahn.

As a practical way to build each other up in community we hope you will participate in Homeroom Wars. Have fun with your classmates and may the best homeroom win!

By: Mia Splane

Welcome Parents, Students, Staff and Friends!

As we further ourselves into the school year, the leadership team plans on being more compatible with everyone's needs. As a part of this we would like all of you to make a habit of returning to the blog as we understand that continuous emails lost in your inbox can be a nuisance. Currently we are making the shift from the emails to the blog; there will still be some emails however. 
Always be sure to venture over to the other sections of the blog where you can learn about awesome, new, and cool events being planned by the leadership team. As well, you can find more info about our team, colour house points, housemates and past memories to keep the nostalgia flowing as we all grow up to pass on from CRCS. 
Thank you all for the support in games, feedback, and simply taking the time to read this post.